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  1. My fiance and I are getting married in October. We already live together so we dont need lots of house hold items that you would usually get as wedding gifts. Is there a way I can politely let my guests know that we would prefer gift cards or money to gifts?

  2. I will be attending my step daughter’s wedding in 6 weeks & I have not been given any details of bridal colours, MOB & MOG have NOT yet decided what they are wearing hoping to find something off the rack. I found & bought a long simple blue gown & left a message for the bride if this was ok as time is running out & I did want the mothers to have first choice of colour & well I need to wear something ! She never said no but she never said yes, apparently her bridal party will all be purachasing their own gowns? What should I do – stick to what I bought & wear it or am I suppose to wait until teh day before the wedding when I finally get everyone’s colours & hope I find something? HELP!

  3. Is wearing colors of wedding scheme ok or best practice?

  4. We have a wedding to go to up North in August. The wedding is at a catholic church at 3 in the afternoon and the reception is at a country cllub afterwords. Was wanting to know what kind of dress should I wear?

  5. I’m looking for a website to order plain white or brown gift bags cheap. I was looking to put one in each hotel room, but I don’t want to spend a lot on them. The cheapest I can find is 3 for a dollar, but I’m sure they are cheaper somewhere out there. Has anyone found such a site? Thanks!

  6. My husband’s nephew is getting married this October. Only 20 people are invited to the ceremony (we are NOT being invited). We were advised they will, however, be holding a large reception two weeks after the ceremony, to which we ARE invited. My husband feels that the only reason we are being invited to the reception is to give a gift, and does not want to either attend or send a gift. Since his nephew lives in another state, I am tending to agree with him about not going to the reception – it would cost us several hundred dollars in travel expenses. Are we obligated to either attend the reception and/or give a gift? Is it common practice to not be invited to the ceremony, but be expected to attend a later-date reception?

  7. I’m going to send out Save the Dates for my destination wedding. In the save the dates I want to send out a little questionare asking who is coming, who is not coming, and who might come. I am also working with a travel agent so I would want to include her in it so people can use her for airfare. So, I would also need to know which airport people would be flying out of. How would I word all of this without sounding crazy? Would I include this along with a stamped envelope in all of the save the dates?

  8. It is about a month and half til our wedding. We are getting more and more rsvps in, which is great. However, we’ve noticed several of our single guests hav rsvp’d as bringing a date, when the invitation was clearly addressed to just them. What do you think is the best way to handle this situation? How do you keep your budget modest and not offend your guests?

  9. is it tacky to have a buffet dinner instead of a sit down dinner?

  10. Hi Pat! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! The quick answer is no, it’s not tacky to have a buffet instead of a sit down dinner. Check out this post & hopefully it will answer some of your concerns:

  11. We are mature adults blending familes. We are having a small wedding in the Smokey Mountains. We want to limit the number of guest. However we work for a large company. My future husband has been there 4 years and I have been there for 1 year. Should he invite his boss and his boss. If we invite them should we invite other close co workers?

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