Why Your Wedding Needs an Online Photo Album

Ok, I think I’ve done this before but I wanted to reiterate why oh why you need an online photo album and why oh why it should be on The Wedding Lens!

10. Your friends are bringing their digital cameras to your wedding anyway and they need a place online to upload their photos. Plus their photos are fun and candid… like this….

Photo from The Wedding Lens

9. Your friends can share their videos of the wedding on The Wedding Lens waaay before your videographer gets back to you….

8. You want you & your guests to be able to upload and download ALL photos and videos at full resolution.

photo from The Wedding Lens!

7. You want to use a photo sharing site that has incredible customer service with real people who respond to your questions and concerns. 

6. You want to use a site that your guests don’t have to register for in order to upload their photos!

5. Your friends like seeing each other’s photos and the one album will be accessible to everyone. They can print or download whichever ones they like and want.

Photo from The Wedding Lens!

4. The Wedding Lens takes care of emailing reminders to your guests – so you don’t have to think twice about it, or feel like you’re bothering your guests.

3. You think that the person who writes The Wedding Lens blog is incredibly witty, knowledgeable, and, well, cute! (No comments from the peanut gallery, please!)

2. You thought you wanted to put disposable cameras on each table, but you realized it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to ask your friends to upload all their own photos into your Wedding Lens album.  

1.  You really don’t want to have to go to 6 different websites to see all your friends’ photos of the wedding. It’s so much easier to have them all in ONE album online… on The Wedding Lens!

If that doesn’t convince you, let me know. I’ll work on it. 🙂

~ Natasha

Tabletop Displays for Photo-Sharing Information Cards!

So presumably you’re going to have photos taken at your wedding — whether by a professional photographer or by your friends. You’ll want to share those photos with your friends and family, so you’ll use an online photo sharing site (like The Wedding Lens)!

Once you have a site where you and your guests can exchange the photos, let your guests know how to get them — and an easy way is to print little cards that you can place on every table. There are lots of different types of cards that you can do, but the idea is that you should have the information of the website and any passwords, if necessary. (Of course, if you use The Wedding Lens, no registration is required!)


But how, oh how, should you share these cards? People might not see them if you just put them on the table – either in the center or at each place. And that’s not really fun anyway, right? How about using a display that looks like a camera? That’s right — a tabletop display for photo-sharing information cards! PicShareBoxes.com offers a camera-looking table-top display and you can put your cards in it. They even give you a Word document template so you can design and print your own cards to put in the display. It’s so cute, check it out in the photo above…

PicShare Boxes was developed by Chica and Jo — the DIY masters!

~ Natasha

Introducing Video Capabilities from The Wedding Lens!

You already have a photographer, but you also want to see the wedding from the perspective of your guests.  Instead of putting disposable cameras on every table, you already decided that you’d save some money & the environment by asking your friends to upload their photos into one, online wedding album on The Wedding Lens. After all, unlike other sites, there’s unlimited size uploads and downloads on The Wedding Lens.
But, you ask, what about all the videos your friends are taking on their cameras? You’d hate to find them on youtube, searchable by the whole wide world. But you do want your guests to be able to see those great personal videos of your vows, the speeches, and your first dance.

Introducing…. VIDEO capability on The Wedding Lens!  It’s true!
Starting now, with a premium wedding album, you and your guests can upload as much video as you want! And if you see a video you want, you can download it directly onto your computer! You can even embed the video on your own website or blog!

Here’s an idea of what the video will look like (though this isn’t a video – just an image of what it will be like!)

So now all your photo & video sharing woes are solved — all with The Wedding Lens!
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